Three African immigrants arrested for gang rape of 16 year girl in Sydney

One man and two teenagers have been arrested and charged with the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Sydney’s south west in June. The girl was in the Liverpool library forecourt at night on Saturday, June 21, after using the council’s free wireless internet when six men approached her and invited her to meet […]

Alex Jones claims government targeting Black Americans for FEMA camps.

Long video with a lot of conspiracy ramblings unrelated to the title but he does show a clip of some military drill where a African women is detained by a European soldier and claims that there is a plan to target African Americans and put them into FEMA camps, it almost looks like he may […]

Leaked Rand Corporation plan for East Ukraine suggests internment camps , executions

According to the article below the current government of the Ukraine led by Jew Petro Poroshenko  are working with the Rand corporation to destroy resistance to the newly appointed government using internment camps and  executions. Russia Today had released a news report titled: Leak plan on E Ukraine suggests internment camps, executions. However the article […]

British Film Institute forcing “Diversity”

The Jews and communist useful idiot Europeans are pushing for more “Diversity” or multiculti propaganda to be featured in films made with funds from the British Film Institute film fund. It’s worth noting that Diversity is a word closely related to Division and Divided, a house divided cannot stand. From Variety. The British Film Institute has implemented […]

Black Savage kills Beautiful European girl.

Once upon a time in the United States, European’s and Africans lived separately until the Jews who run the United States removed segregation and forced us to live around the Africans who’s collective behavior is dangerous and Uncivilized. Jews in Israel enforce segregation on the Arab population while in the United States and other European […]

Karen Bailey arrested for “Racist” rant on train in Sydney.

Australian police have arrested 55 year old Karen Bailey for her behavior seen in the above video. Under Australia’s “Racial Discrimination act” it is against the law to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate” someone because of their ethnicity or race. In other words Australians are not free to express their opinions on the governments unpopular […]

While the Obongo government welcomes Hispanic illegals, Beautiful Ukrainian women who crossed boarder illegally sent to federal prison

While the Obongo government allows millions of non European immigrants to cross the boarder illegally into the United States, it turns out that they have zero tolerance for well educated Europeans doing the same. When Ukrainian national Oleksandra Bronova, a Cambridge graduate fluent in five languages crossed the Mexican boarder into the United states with […]