White/European school students no longer to be a majority in USA.

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (AP) — The cheerful sign outside Jane Cornell’s summer school classroom in Pennsylvania’s wealthiest county says “Welcome” and “Bienvenidos” in polished handwriting. Inside, giggling grade-schoolers who mostly come from homes where Spanish is the primary language worked on storytelling with a tale about a crocodile going to the dentist. The children and […]

Sasha grey says abusive Black ex boyfriend lured her into porn.

White Porn star Sasha Grey says she was lured into porn by her violent and abusive Black ex-Boyfriend who tricked her into believing he was a military spy who needed her for “cover” … and now she fears he’s come back to try and hurt her. Grey claims in court documents Ian Cinnamon her former […]

New anti European propaganda film by Jew Steven Spielberg and African Oprah Winfrey

Disgusting another anti European propaganda film, No surprises its made by the¬†Jew Steven Spielberg and African racist Oprah Winfrey. Film about non European immigrants from Muslim Iraq moving into Europe, involves some Arab guy dating a European girl. Propaganda much? funny its set in France considering opinion polls show the majority of French will be […]

New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister’s campaign billboard defaced.

New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister, John Key has had one of his billboards in Auckland defaced. John Key is the leader of the so called “National Party” who’s policies include flooding New Zealand with non European immigrants as well as selling large amounts of farm land to the Chinese.

Jew Claims “Ebola-like plague of anti-Semitism sweeping the West”

Jewish author writes delusional opinion piece about “antisemitism” in the west, claiming they are experiencing “an explosion of evil and violent hatred of Jews” and that non Jews “antisemitism” is an illness they cant be cured from. It’s worth noting that a good portion of the “antisemitism” that this Jew is complaining about is coming […]